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The Old Man & The Sea Restaurant

The Old Man and the Sea restaurant on 85 Kedem Street in Jaffa, was founded in 1999 by Younes Ali.

The restaurant has become a well-known legendary place, where there is nearly no family from north to south of Israel, that did not spend time there. The spacious spot, set on a small hill in Jaffa, overlooks the blue and captivating sea view. The restaurant offers its guests fresh Mediterranean food generously served.

The Old Man and the Sea restaurant in Jaffa portrayals a new Middle East – where Arabs, Jews and tourists from all around the world come together to enjoy fish, seafood, meat, plenty of salads and hot pitas fresh from the tabun.

In the background you can hear different languages mingling together and an Arabic birthday song played, as one of the unique traditional customs of the place, while the waiters serve dessert with fireworks for guests celebrating.

Press Reviews

"Plenty of food, great service and reasonable price"

"20 years, and to this day people are still lining up"

The Restaurant’s Menu

High-quality plentiful meals, special salads prepared each day, freshly squeezed lemonade and for dessert coffee or tea served with Awameh pellets dipped in sweet syrup. All this is given at the price of the main course.

Events and Birthdays

Where plenty of flavors and joy meet, we are your perfect choice for corporate events, birthdays, workers’ team gatherings or any event you choose to celebrate. Special prices including free pre-ordered drinks.

Wine and Drinks

Along with the rich food and atmosphere, there is an equally important ingredient carefully chosen to complete your meal – our wine and drinks menu.

Our Sweets

After a good meal there’s nothing like our home desserts!
From Awameh pellets dipped in sweet syrup to juicy chocolate soufflé and a refreshing rich flavored affogato.


“There are three things that are brothers: the fish and my two hands”

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Address: 85 Kedem Street, Jaffa

Telephone : +972 3 681 8699

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